Abandoned Books

Jimena de la Frontera-20140329-00897

Luckily for me at this moment, this is not a picture of my library, though I do plan to have a house full of books when I’m home. And believe me, we’re bringing a lot of books back (and there are plenty still waiting in the attic there….)
Some reluctantly….some it’s a case of good riddance, but the following is a list of books that will not be making the journey back to Ireland with me. If you’re in the South of Spain/Gibraltar and any of these catch your eye, just let me know! (Also, if my husband is reading this and is unhappy with anything on the list….well better get in there first!)
Oh and if you are in Ireland and one of these books is one you really, really want, I can maybe bring it back, but to be honest I don’t see that being the case for any of these:

Virginia Andrews ‘Tarnished Gold’
Neil Belton ‘A Game of Sharpened Knives’
Heidi Betts ‘La Dureza del Diamente’
Martin Booth ‘The American’
Roger Boyle ‘ Year in the Scheisse’
James Caan ‘The Real Deal’
Donato Carrisi ‘The Whisperer’
Paulo Coehlo ‘The Pilgrimage’
Paulo Coehlo ‘The Winner Stands Alone’
Joseph Conrad ‘Typhoon and Other Stories’
Agatha Christie ‘Hickory Dickory Dock’
Agatha Christie ‘4.50 from Paddington’
Jeffrey Deaver ‘Carte Blanche’
Louis De Bernieres ‘A Partisan’s Daughter’
Patrick Dennis ‘Auntie Mame’
Jessica Duchen ‘Hungarian Dances’
Laura Esquivel ‘Like Water for Chocolate’
Ildefonso Falcones ‘Cathedral of the Sea’
J. G. Farrell ‘The Troubles’
Ken Follett ‘The Pillars of the Earth’
Nell Freudenberger ‘The Newlyweds’
Reg Gadney ‘The Scholar of Extortian’
Anna Gavalda ‘Consolation’
Dave Gorman ‘vs The Rest of the World’
Almudena Grandes ‘The Frozen Heart’
The Best of Gibraltar
Mark Giminez ‘Accused’
Diana Hamilton ‘Matrimonio de Convenencia’
Shirley Hazzard ‘The Bay of Noon’
Anne Holt ‘1222’
Rona Jaffe ‘The Best of Everything’
Elfriede Jelenik ‘Women as Lovers’
Asa Larsson ‘Aurora Boreal’
Louise Levene ‘Ghastly Business’
Marina Lewycka ‘Various Pets Alive & Dead’
John Lloyd ‘Second Book of General Ignorance’
Grace McCleen ‘The Land of Decoration’
Ali McNaMara ‘From Notting Hill with Love Actually’
Henning Mankell ‘The Troubled Man’
Sue Miller ‘The Lake Shore Limited’
Raye Morgan ‘El principe perdido’
Carole Mortimer ‘Tras la pasion’
Kate Mosse ‘Labyrinth’
Melissa Nathan ‘La Camerera’
Derek Neale ‘The Book of Guardians’
Jo Nesbo ‘Headhunters’
Haken Nesser ‘Woman with Birthmark’
Chris Pavone ‘The Expats’
Ian Pears ‘An Instance of the Fingerpost’
Leif G. W. Perssom ‘Another time, Another Life’
Sarah Raynor ‘One Moment, One Morning’
Bethan Roberts ‘The Good Plain Cook’
Cynthia Rogerson ‘I love you, Goodbye’
Penny Rudge ‘Foolish Lessons in Life & Love’
Peter Schneider ‘The German Comedy’
Natasha Solomons ‘The Novel in the Viola’
Dana Stabenow ‘Play with Fire’
Susan Stephens ‘Recuerdos de Verano’
Martin Suter ‘The Chef’
Jackie Todd ‘Dog Days in Andalucia’
Miriam Toews ‘A Boy of Good Breeding’
Paul Torday ‘Salmon Fishing in the Yemen’
Eric Van Lustbader ‘The Bourne Objective’
Dimitri Verhulst ‘Madame Verona comes down the Hill’
Katharine Weber ‘The Music Lesson’
Will Wiles ‘Care of Wooden Floors’
Austin Tappin Wright ‘Islandia’

Also a few DVDs:
How I Met Your Mother Series 1-6 (After that atrocity of a finale I don’t think I can ever watch this again)
The Hangover 2
The Master
The Edukators
Sherlock Holmes (Juego De Sombras)
Michael Thomas ‘Masterclass Spanish’ (well CDs…we have two sets for some reason).


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