Monday Morning

IMG_20141110_073700959 (1)

I know this isn’t exactly what I planned for my blog, but I’m going to try something new (see how long I last), a more regular post, with one photo from my new commute and a mention of whatever book I’m on.

The photo is what I saw when I left my house this morning and thought, hey Monday mornings aren’t so bad!

My train book of the moment is ‘To Save Everything, Click Here’ by Evgeny Morozov.

I can’t say I’m really enjoying it. It’s for my book club. I’m on page 65 out of 360 and have to get it finished for Thursday night, but it’s haaaard. I mean, it’s somewhat interesting, but a whole book of it

Watching Fargo and noticed the use of Oscar Wilde’s The Happy Prince:

I love Oscar Wilde!


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