Early Lights


I happened upon the Christmas lights being turned on. I took this just after the countdown. I should be complaining about how Christmas is getting earlier and earlier each year etc. but not this time. I love it! I’ve missed a proper lead up to Christmas, the last 4 years have been fly and fly out affairs, great fun but always too short. My former Slovakian housemates used to say that it didn’t feel like a proper Christmas here because of the lack of snow, I suppose it’s what you grow up with. I never felt that it was a Christmassy in Spain as here.

Reading….I’m still on the Morozov and I think I’ll finish that. It hasn’t been my favourite book, but it does make you think and we had a good discussion about it at the Book Club.

But ready to move on! It’s the Dublin Book Festival this weekend. A good opportunity to….browse….just browse!


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