Last night I went to Sandycove. This tied in very nicely with finishing Dublinesque, considering the closeness with Ulysses. I realised that although I’d been to this pub in Sandycove a few times, on musical society business, I’d never actually been out to Joyce’s Martello tower. So I had a wander. I thought, if this was somewhere in Spain and there was some kind of tourist attraction close by I’d be racing up to see it and take some photos. Obviously it was closed. And dark. So I won’t put up any photos just now. (I also passed some spectacular houses, oh, how the other half live!)

I’m not sure exactly how many Martello Towers there are on the Irish coast. I wasn’t particularly curious about them when I was younger, they were just there.

Anyway, I was at a quiz last night for my former musical society. And I won a bottle of wine. That’s a result!
We were sitting under this poster. At first seeing the ‘de’ my mind switched to Spanish until I recognised the French and worked out that in French the film if ‘The Dead’ was simply called ‘Dubliners’. That story never fails to move me.
It’s a long journey back though and my phone was dead, so I did read a little bit more of The Yellow Dog. Until I had to snooze, but stay alert enough not to miss my stop…


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