National Concert Hall


Yesterday at lunch I slipped out to the National Concert Hall. Once I’m really stuck into the job this won’t be so easy so I’m trying to make the most of it. I went to watch Derby Browne and really enjoyed it, except for the fact I kept checking my watch for the time. The guy beside me was making lots of notes, a critic or just somebody who wants to write something for his own blog?

After work I headed over to the IFI for a film at the French Film Festival. Usually I’m very good at reading brochures about Film Festivals but never actually going. A friend of mine had suggested this film, Trois Coeurs and the description I read sounded like some version of Before Sunrise, so I said yes. Oh dear God, it was bad. Just, I don’t know what type of film they were going for, from the music it sounded like a thriller, the actors were all good, but the story was just bad, bad, bad. I kept wanting to shout at the screen and that doesn’t happen often.

Afterwards we headed to the Italian Quarter for a quick glass of wine before my train. Ah, the commuting lifestyle, where you have to internalise the train timetable and weigh up the pros and cons of rushing for one train or maybe having to wait quite a while for the next one. I don’t know what was going on with the wine pouring, it seemed like a very delicate work of art was taking place in front of us, but I just about had enough time to drink it. Every now and again we burst out laughing, thinking back over the film.

On the train home I was listening in on two girls talking about student life and feeling nostalgic. The conversation turned to Slane and how Hozier would be supporting the Foo Fighters. Like them, I wouldn’t be mad about the latter but would be more interested in the former. One of them mentioned playing after him at The Ruby Sessions back before he had made it but how good he was and how it just seemed to be ridiculous to be following on after him. I can understand, but it’s a great story to have!

In the morning I started reading Le Testament Francais by Andrei Makine. It’s one I’ve picked up before and abandoned but I want to give it a proper chance this time. I’ve loved other Andrei Makine books, most recently Brief Loves that Live Forever. Each chapter/story seemed perfect in its own way.


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