So I didn’t get a great picture of the Sandycove Martello Tower, but here’s one of the many others, the one in Balbriggan. Yet again there was a beautiful Sunday morning, though the clouds did appear soon after taking the photo.

We went to see a lovely Irish movie this afternoon called Standby There is a good review here: .
I had hoped to catch it after work one evening, but it didn’t seem to be in any of the city centre cinemas, which is a shame. Maybe it was only there for one week. I know any time a film consists of two people wandering around a city I just go into automatic Before Sunrise reference mode, but of the two Before Sunrise-ish films I’ve seen this weekend, this was by far the superior. Dublin looked fantastic, although I did find it a bit depressing that it was seen as being the loser route for him to stay and also that there was never any question of her coming to Dublin. Anyway, I’m not saying it’s a classic but it was funny and sweet and just what I needed after Friday’s atrocity.

It stars Jessica Pare (from Mad Men) and Brian Gleeson (forever to be known as son of Brendan). What can I say, I love all the Gleesons. As soon as we figure out what date suits us all, a group of us will be heading to see all three Gleesons in The Walworth Farce in January.

Oh and by the way, on the subject of the Gleeson family here is a video of them messing around as kids and adults. The song, by Squarehead is in aid of St. Francis’ Hospice.

No mention of books….no time for reading today really…


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