Monthly Archives: December 2014

Christmas shopping


When I was growing up we always did our Christmas shopping on the northside, Henry St, O’Connell St. We wouldn’t dream of shopping on the southside, way too expensive. But every year at some stage we would make the journey across to Grafton St. to look at Switzer’s windows.
A long time ago Switzer’s closed and Brown Thomas moved in. They still make the effort to decorate the windows for Christmas, if in a less traditional way. They’re beautiful but I don’t know if parents would still bring their kids to see them.


Arnott’s on the other hand, they seem to be decorating their windows in a way that is nostalgic for those times of parents bringing kids to look at the Christmas windows, even though I can’t say I ever noticed them too much back then. Maybe I was too excited to go and see their Santa!

Anyway, book club Christmas party tonight. I hope I don’t get shot for having chosen ‘Spider’s Web’. It was an interesting book, but unfinished, it just stops in the middle of nowhere. I hate that!


All Hallows


Another day another Christmas concert. This time the Dolce choir was holding theirs at All Hallows college, a former seminary in Drumcondra. It was a miserable evening but we were able to forget about that once the music started and get into the Christmas spirit.
Speaking of which, well, I’ve picked up Le Testament Français again and I’m really getting into it. The first few chapters always seemed a bit of a stumbling block, but I’ve got past those. And at one sentence I wanted to cry out and I’d love to quote that here but I’ve no train books with me today. Apart from a small handbag I’ve just got a bag with a Christmas jumper.
Yes, I’m doing the 12 pubs of Christmas. I know it’s all about the backlash this year and I should be tut tutting, but I’ve never done it and it’ll be a good chance to get to know my work colleagues… At least for the first few pubs and I’m not sure how long I’ll last!
Wish me luck!

The Gardaí


It’s a bad photo, I know. I need to start using my actual camera. I suppose I’m still a bit self conscious trying too hard with my phone, whereas I’ve no problem hiding behind a camera. I passed this bus while walking back to the train. It was full of Gardaí being bussed home ( I suppose) after the water charges protests. Maybe it’s silly, but I didn’t want to hang around to take another snap.



So I went to a gig here last night and it turns out it was the TG4 New Year’s Eve show being filmed. It was good fun, apart from having to rush off for the last train. The joys of commuter living! I was looking around thinking, why do people not go out more on Monday nights? And then I remembered Tuesday mornings…

Whelan’s is a great venue and dragging out its 25 year celebrations this year. Outside Ireland it’s probably most famous as the venue in PS I Love You, a film I’ve never been tempted to watch.

I’m having an early night tonight, mostly because I’m doing a charity fast for Concern, so the stomach is rumbling.
I read a little of The Spider’s Web today thinking I should really try to finish it for Thursday so I can lend the book on to somebody else, but I think I won’t be going in the end.

Tomorrow I’ve got another concert to go to in Christchurch (so many concerts in the lead up to Christmas!). This time it’s the Trinity Orchestra with soloist Eadaoin Copeland, who we were so lucky to have playing at our wedding.

Also, linking, linking, but did you know Hozier used to sing with Trinity Orchestra? Check this out if you don’t believe me: